Disciplined Financial Focus for the Martial Arts

As a martial arts business owner, whether that be mixed martial arts, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu or related system, you’ve got a lot on your plate. The team at GeneralCents Accounting can help you grow your studio and ‘knock out’ your goals (pardon the pun!)

You probably spend most of your time training students, managing staff, developing training courses and trying to attract new clients.

Because of this, you aren’t able to give your full attention to actually working on your business and finances. You need a reliable and stable financial management system that manages cash flow and plans for growth. That’s where GeneralCents Accounting comes in.

Disciplined Cashflow Management

Our founder, John Koloch, has firsthand experience in running a martial arts studio. He combines that with years of practical accounting knowledge, and you get to reap the benefits. In fact, the biggest problem faced by most studios is student retention and adequate cash flow; a common cause of business failure. It’s safe to say, the changing demand for your attention and the physical nature of your business can leave you feeling a lack of focus and discipline on the financial side.

The nature of your business and the fluctuations of student enrollments means it’s vital to manage cashflow tightly. Our Accounting Guides will help you implement smart cashflow management strategies that help you get paid faster, keep more money in the bank and stay on top of your goals! Are you ready for more financial focus with Your Accounting Guides? Get started today.

Some of the ways we help

We have seen many issues faced by martial arts studios, and have developed a particular expertise in helping businesses navigate these. Often we find studios that are struggling to keep money in the bank, have high levels of debt or make low margins. Another common source of pain is how to manage your instructors and employees. We help you monitor and keep track of all this, ensuring you know which path is the most profitable for you.

Pave a path of financial independence

We love teaching our clients to speak the language of business. We place such an emphasis on this because we believe that business owners should understand what’s going on in their business at all times. We have specific accounting programs to keep an eye on your business metrics and use them to drive your business growth. Whether you are struggling to keep money in the bank, have high debts to pay, or are making low margins, our professional Accounting Guides help you streamline, grow and succeed!

Make more money

Once we have a solid stance of accounting in place, we can implement strategies to help you improve your studio. We know that cashflow is a challenge for businesses across the world, which is why we love to help relieve the pressure of tight cashflow. We use smart cashflow strategies and assess your full sales process (conversions, the average price per sale, and the number of sales per customer) , as well as suggest ways to improve your revenue process and profit margins. This helps to keep more money in your pocket, plus we can reduce your stress by implementing Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes.

Compliance (Stay out of jail)

Our Accounting Guides also help your studio with business planning, payroll, staffing, and tax strategies, so you keep more of your hard-earned money.

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